Thursday, December 10 2015 -

Friends, Roman, Countrymen, lend me your butts-- er, ears... uhm.

Right, anyway, if it wasn't already apparent over this past month, Ted is currently on an every-other-week update schedule.

I sort of started the comic, went to a couple conventions (Anthrocon to sell art, NYCC to learn and network), acquired a second part-time job (Barista! Galen is, incidentally, also a barista, but I wrote that years before I ever incidentally became a barista myself, so that's amusing), moved, and in the process of all that got behind on my commission workload. The barista job is necessary to survive, as the time working on this comic took away from my commissions, and now I'm getting more hours there which greatly aids in said survival but also renders it impossible to both update this comic weekly and get caught up on said commissions. It's a big messy cycle. Either days needs more hours, or someone needs to eliminate all debt Mr. Robot style and make my student loans disappear. I'll accept either.

So! For now, I've resigned to a slower update schedule for Ted until I clear out my commission art queue. I'm a bit frustrated by this because I want to get to the meat of the story faster, but on the upside, once I put all my owed art behind me, I will feel secure in launching a Patreon for this comic that will someday enable me to make even more than one page each week! That's the plan.

If you're continuing to keep up with this comic, thanks so much for doing so! It means the world to me.



- @ Friday, September 16 2016 - Reply
i discovered your comic via a bookmark this last rmfc and i just got around to checking it out... it's super awesome, i love the content and art style! i'm sure you're busy as all hell, and comics take a ton of effort (i tried starting one once) so i admire your perseverance! i look forward to whenever you have time to update again. good luck with your endeavours, comic-related and otherwise!